Producer Kelly's Rules for Music Festivals

Producer Kelly LOVES going to music festivals, but there are some etiquette rules in going.

May 19, 2016
Producer Kelly Goes to the Hangout Festival

Kelly Cheese

Producer Kelly is OBSESSED with music festivals, she goes to as many as she can each year. She says she has a music festival season, and she is in the middle of it! This weekend, she is going to Hangout so we got her to give us the rules she lives by when going to those festivals. Here is the list of Producer Kelly's rules for attending any music festival.

1. If you’re all squished together at the front listening to your favorite artists, please don’t fart on your neighbors behind you. It will definitely not go unnoticed.

2. Leave the Native American headdresses at home. Not only is it disrespectful culturally, but people who are trying to enjoy the concerts will never be able to see. So in general, you should definitely just avoid the oversized headwear.

3. Rethink the flowing pants and rompers. Baggy and flowy clothing may feel free-spirited, but you’ll change your mind when they’re dragging along the dirty floors and bathrooms. And don’t wear a romper unless you really want to know what it feels like to be naked in a port-a-potty.

4. Don’t use your phone or record concerts. The phone itself blocks the view from people behind you, the flash is distracting, and you’ll never watch the videos. Those talented artists you came to see also have a huge problem with it, many stating it’s their least favorite part of performing in today’s world. It’s not worth the Instagram likes, so just enjoy the show.

5. To all the couples who don’t know what PDA is, don’t make out publicly during the whole concert. Especially this weekend if you’re planning to go to Hangout Fest, those make out sessions on the beach will not end well. You’ll likely just embarrass yourself as well as the friends who are probably regretting deciding to tag along.