Producer Kelly's Advice on Riding Solo at Weddings

Producer Kelly is forever going to weddings alone, so here's her advice on having fun while going alone.

June 17, 2016
Kelly Wedding Solo

Kelly Cheese

Hey guys, Producer Kelly Cheese here! I'd like to think I'm a pro at flying solo to weddings, so I thought I'd give some advice to any of you ladies (or lads!) on how to conquer a wedding without a date. It's actually a lot of fun to go solo, trust me!


1. Go confidently into the wedding. People are going to ask you, "did you bring a date?" "Where's your boyfriend?" "Are you dating anyone" & all those initial questions that come up when your friends find out you came solo to a wedding. Answer them with something funny, especially if you're single. Go with something like, "yea, see the guys in tuxes next to the groom? they're all my dates, it's a new sister wives thing i'm trying out." Or if you're in a relationship & your partner can't make it say something really exaggerated like, "he's a professional water slide tester, currently testing out the largest water slide in the world."


2. Dress to impress, YOURSELF. What you wear and how you feel while you're wearing it will show. If you're wearing something you have to constantly adjust, tug at, or fix it's uncomfortable and it shows. If you're wearing something that makes you feel great, something you can dance in for hours, that's going to make you feel & look more confident in yourself. 


3. Reach out to other friends, married – dating – or single, & ask about renting a house or getting rooms next to one another. Coordinate so, even though you might not have a date, you have people around to engage with while you’re getting ready, pre-partying, and after-partying.


4. Pace yourself. Ok, open bars are the best thing ever at a wedding. Not arguing that. But pace yourself. No one wants the fun single girl at the wedding to become the drunk lonely girl at the wedding. Everyone already has this “awwww, you came by yourself?” mentality. Don’t feed into it. You want to make sure you can drink and still make it to the afterparty.


5. Find yourself alone during a slow jam? I guarantee you there’s an adorable flower girl, ring bearer, or grandpa who wouldn’t turn down an offer to dance. What grandpa wouldn’t love to hear you say, “hey old man, I like the way you shake that thang!” Plus, how adorable is it when you dance with the grandparents??


All in all, be the one people remember as the confident one that was funny & had a blast! You. Got. This!