Producer Donna's Open Letter

We are writing open letters, and Producer Donna's letter is to those who side seat drive.

June 7, 2016

Donna Williams

Jeff gave the Jeff & Jenn show team an opportunity to write open letters to someone who really, really (we mean REALLY) bugs them. Producer Donna wrote her open letter to all of those who ride in the passenger seat of the car but tell the driver how to drive. According to Donna, it's her car, her rules! 

Dear Passenger Seat Drivers,

Please know your role in my car, please don’t give me instructions on how to drive my car. I’ve had my car for ten years! I got my license at 16, passed the driver’s test on the first try. It’s very annoying when you ask, do you see the speed limit? Yes I do!  So with all the complaining I decided to make a list of rules for my car!

1. Please Put your seat belt on.

2. Don’t touch my radio, I actually focus better when my music is blasting.

If you don’t like my rules I will gladly give you $2.50 because I can assure you won’t tell the Marta Bus Driver how to drive his bus! And you definitely won’t change their station.

So shut up and take the free ride!