Producer David's Open Letter

We are writing open letters, and Producer David's letter is to all of you who like your own Facebook posts.

June 8, 2016
Producer David Thumbs Down

David Youmans

Jeff gave the Jeff & Jenn show team an opportunity to write open letters to someone who really, really (we mean REALLY) bugs them. It drives Producer David CRAZY when he sees people on Facebook who like their own posts. And it happens constantly! So, here is his letter to those people in its entirety.

Dear person who likes their own Facebook statuses,

The definition of narcissism is an excessive or erotic interest of oneself and one’s physical appearance. And let’s be honest, everyone on Facebook has a bit of narcissism, otherwise they wouldn’t post about their lives. But you take it to a ridiculous new level. Gurl, STOP LIKING YOUR OWN STUFF ON FACEBOOK. Every picture and status you post is followed by your own click of the like button. And now that you can love or laugh at yourself through the like button, it’s even worse. Do you not know that’s the douchiest thing you could do on Facebook?! We already know you like your own posts, otherwise you WOULDN’T HAVE POSTED IT. Just be aware that as soon as we see that you liked your own stuff, we immediately ignore you and hate you just a little bit more. You liking your own status or picture is the equivalent of my grandma writing Happy Birthday to someone else on her OWN Facebook wall. Except she gets a pass because she is a 78 year old woman who barely knows how to use the Internet. You are a 20 or 30 something year old and we already know you know how to use the Internet because you post at least 4 selfies a day. And then you like it! Just stop liking your own posts, and trying to make it happen. It’s not going to happen!! It makes you look stupid and even more conceited and it frustrates us that you don’t have the common sense to realize just how dumb you look. Just remember, we already know you like whatever you post, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted the damn thing in the first place. Don’t be that a**hole.