Producer David: We are United

Producer David shares a personal message in remembrance of the Orlando Massacre

June 13, 2016
David Vigil

Jenn Hobby

I am at such a loss for words because this devastating attack hits so close to home. There are 50 people dead because of pure hatred.  This is a terrorism act and hate crime - not only because this guy is involved with ISIS, but because he massacred 50 people for simply being themselves - because of who they were and who they loved. All because one person doesn’t like gay people or, as the killer’s father has said, he “didn’t like to see two men kiss.” This could have been your brother, sister, or best friend. This could have been me. I've never been this publicly out before but I feel like after something this horrific, I have to speak out and encourage people to be proud of who they are. And for that to happen, I have to be proud of myself.  As a gay man, to hear that someone would want to kill me just because they don’t want to see or don’t like me kissing my boyfriend, is vile, disgusting, and horrific. And though I am concerned, I refuse to be scared.

This will not shut our community down, this will not silence us. This will bring us together in ways that coward couldn’t have even imagined. We will fight. We will fight for our rights and our protections. No one deserves the malicious treatment the LGBT community has had to endure. Not now, not ever.

Violence is never the answer, but violence is born out of hate and hate speech. It’s born from statements made by people like senators who say gay people should be killed or by throwing out Bible verses that say they will reap what they sow rather than Bible verses that preach love and understanding. Instead of degrading, demeaning, and being angry at a group of people, instead focus on the positives of your own life, and be thankful. Be thankful that you don’t have to be scared of your life being taken away just because of who you love. Be thankful that you don’t have to worry about the government stepping in so you can marry the person you love. Be thankful you don’t have to concern yourself with where you are going to use the bathroom when you go to lunch today with your family, friends, or coworkers. Be thankful you don’t have to worry about being fired from your job because of who you are and something you can’t help. And be thankful that your parents never kicked you out of the house for being straight or having feelings for another guy or girl. If there was more love, compassion, and empathy in this world instead of hatred, condemnation, and judgement of others, this world wouldn’t only be a better place, it would be a safer place. - Producer David