#ParentingForReal - Poop was EVERYWHERE!

Jenn grossed Jeff out when she talked about her daughter pooping on pretty much everything in the house!

July 14, 2016
Jenn Kid Barf

Jenn Hobby

We usually glamorize our parenting skills when we post on social media, but we really don't show what REALLY happens. So, that's where Jenn's #ParentingForReal comes in to play! She has decided to take a different approach on social media and show what really goes on in her parenting life. This time, Jenn decided to take her girls for a walk before dinner. But, her youngest was having some tummy trouble so Jenn gave her a fresh diaper. But minutes of trying to refresh that diaper, Jenn (and many things around the house) were covered in baby poop! #ParentingForReal