#ParentingForReal - July 5, 2016

Jenn started a social media campaign, #ParentingForReal, because she wants to show the REAL side of parenting.

July 5, 2016
Jenn and Her Kids

Jenn Hobby

Jenn was frustrated with the glamorous parenting pictures because it’s the complete opposite of what parenting is. So, she decided to launch her own social media campaign, #ParentingForReal. She talks about all of the real life difficulties that come with parenting and shares them to show other people that it happens to everyone! She wants to encourage all parents to take and post pictures of the not so perfect moments using the hashtag #ParentingForReal.

Jason called in talking about his daughter loving avocados, and she destroyed the living room with them. So instead of cleaning it up himself, he let the dog lick his daughter clean. Kelsey has a toddler that only eats bread, and the only bread that was left had mold on it. So, she scraped off the mold and let him eat it. #ParentingForReal