Parenting Your Parent

Kayla called in talking about parenting her dad in the dating world, and our listeners called in with their own stories!

July 20, 2016
Kid as the Parent

We got a call from one of our listeners, Kayla, who told us about how she's having to parent her own dad now that he's back in the dating world. Her dad, who chose to remain nameless for his dating life (LOL!), went on a date with a woman and when he went in for a kiss he insulted her dental work... Nooooooo...! Kayla put her parenting foot down and told him if he didn't have to be that honest. #TRUE

Our phones lit up with hilarious stories about times our listeners had to parent their parents, too! One of our listeners had to tell her step-mom to stop wearing skimpy clothes & asked her to, awkward! Another listener told us about a time her mom had a little too much to drink and drunk dialed everyone. Another listener had to tell her mom that her new beau was a stoner... But our favorite caller was Amber who told us about how she parents BOTH of her parents. Her mom, who is just now getting back in the dating scene, after a month of dating someone she fell head over Amber had to revert back to the talk her mom gave her when she was 16 to remind her why guys say nice things. LOL. Oh yea, and Amber's dad is dating a 21 year old...Amber's 24. Looks like she might be giving her potential step-mom some advice in the future too!