Olivia Gets a Limo!

12 Year Old Olivia is battling cancer and was granted a fun shopping spree! But she needs a limo!

March 7, 2016
Jeff and Jenn with Amanda Riley Foundation

Barbara Riley

The Amanda Riley Foundation supports children fighting cancer, and they recently granted a wish to 12-year-old Olivia, who is battling Ewing Sarcoma after finding a tumor in her armpit. Olivia is in the 6th grade and loves Tennessee football. She is a daredevil who loves riding her bike and lounging in the hammock. And Olivia loves all things Disney and Taylor Swift! Olivia will undergo a bone marrow transplant and be in the hospital for a month. So, the Amanda Riley Foundation sent Olivia on a shopping spree, and they took her to Town Center Mall in Kennesaw! The problem is that they didn't have any fun vehicle to take her in, and what shopping spree is complete without a limo?! That's where we came in with the help of Kirkley from Hennessy Transportation! They provided Olivia with the limo to go on her fun shopping spree! And Olivia travelled in style! If you would like more info on the great things the Amanda Riley Foundation is doing or want to contribute and help them in any way, go to their website at amandarileyfoundation.org.

Barbara Riley and Olivia with the Limo!
Tiffany Krumins
Olivia with Her Family and Friends
Tiffany Krumins
Olivia with Her Friends and the Limo!
Tiffany Krumins
Olivia and Friends and Family in the Limo!
Tiffany Krumins