Office vs. Kindergarten Classroom

It turns out that there isn't too much difference between being a kid and being an adult!

July 7, 2016
Kid in Office

Just like kids and adults, an office and a Kindergarten classroom can be very similar!  Here’s a list that points out all the similarities they have in the most hilarious way!

1.       Beyoncé walking in for a prescheduled performance would be less exciting then surprise snack time.

2.       The person who brought the snacks is stuck cleaning them up because everyone dines and dashes!

3.       The trash never quite ends up in the garbage can! That can be applied to the office or classroom.

4.       Someone manages to urinate all over the toilet seats. That’s usually the same person who does not flush.

5.       Personal space is taken very seriously. Your desk is like your cubby.

6.       Theft runs rampant.

7.       Your buddy is your buddy for life!

8.       Walking into an incubus of plaque.

9.       Everybody needs a nap!