My Husband is in the Hospital...and I Know Why!

If you got a call that your husband was in the hospital, what is the reason you would automatically know that put him there?

August 1, 2016
Husband in Hospital

This morning we told y'all about the skydiver who jumped 25,000 without a parachute and landed safely. Yowza! You can read his story here! Well, Jeff thought the idea was ridiculous because the guy has a wife and a kid. Then he got to thinking, if you got a phone call saying your significant other was in the hospital would you instantly know why? 

One listener, Jamie, told us a story of how her husband would be in the hospital because of a rocket HE built! She's had to dodge his creations before herself, and she thinks it would be BIG if he got hurt. She says he would need to be airlifted, and Jeff suggests he could just be taken to the hospital by another one of his creations.