Monday Morning Rap Battles: Can Intern Alexa Defend Her Title?

Last week, Intern Alexa filled in for Producer David and then dethroned Producer Kelly Cheese. Let's see who comes out on top this week!

July 25, 2016

Last week Intern Alexa filled in for Producer David for our Monday morning Rap Battle competition and ended up dethroning our rap battle champ Kelly Cheese! Can she defend her title and win again this week? The topics were Bernie Sanders, going to the gym, the third glass of wine, social media stalking, & comic con. Jeff kicked things off with a (how should we put it...) pretty terrible performance but Jenn, Producer Kelly Cheese, Producer David, & Intern Alexa all brought the heat. It came down to Intern Alexa & Producer David for the win, who takes it all?! Will Intern Alexa reign for two weeks straight or will Producer David come back strong?