Monday Morning Rap Battle: Summer

We had listeners call in with subjects for our battle, and it was all around the topic of summer.

June 20, 2016
Jeff and Jenn

It is now a weekly feature! Every Monday morning, we will have a rap battle and last week Producer Kelly Cheese was the winner. Well this week, we decided to let our listeners call in with topics we should rap. They said we should rap about annoying summer things like mosquitoes, traffic, and humidity.

So, Jenn was assigned to rap about the humidity and she was pretty good. Producer David went next, rapping about mosquitoes. He was mad at the itch the mosquitoes leave. And then Jeff rapped about the traffic and it was pretty hysterical!

We needed a winner, so we took it to the phones! Our listeners called in to tell us who they thought won the rap battle. And it was very divided!