Mom's Your Secret Admirer

Jeff's friend signed a hidden valentine for her teenage son 'secret admirer'. #MomofTheYear or #WhyMomWhy?

February 16, 2017

Of course Jeff already had his own mind made up, but he needed everybody's opinion. His friend wanted to make sure her 13 year old son had a good Valentine's Day, so she snuck a valentine signed "secret admirer" to him to find. Holy moly the calls! The arguements! So much more divided than Jeff thought...

There's more people against Jeff than he thought. (Nothing new there, but always entertaining). 

This could go on for awhile it seems. 

Jenn's back in-studio so we have to fill her in on this. Will she be pro-mom? 

Aaand there's even more calls. Whose side will they be on this time?