Mom's Your Secret Admirer

Jeff's friend signed a hidden valentine for her teenage son 'secret admirer'. #MomofTheYear or #WhyMomWhy?

February 16, 2017

Of course Jeff already had his own mind made up, but he needed everybody's opinion. His friend wanted to make sure her 13 year old son had a good Valentine's Day, so she snuck a valentine signed "secret admirer" to him to find. Holy moly the calls! The arguements! So much more divided than Jeff thought...

Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 1

There's more people against Jeff than he thought. (Nothing new there, but always entertaining). 

Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 2

This could go on for awhile it seems. 

Jenn's back in-studio so we have to fill her in on this. Will she be pro-mom? 

Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 3 With Jenn

Aaand there's even more calls. Whose side will they be on this time?

Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 4 With Jenn