Love at First Kiss: Jeff and Paula

After listeners called in, we had Jeff and Paula come to the studio for their own Love at First Kiss!

August 3, 2016
Love at First Kiss Kiss

Jeannine Riley

We actually did it! After Jeff talked about the new TLC show, Love at First Kiss, listeners called in saying they would try that out, including our listeners Jeff and Paula. So, we brought them in, and they had to kiss within seconds of meeting each other. But first, we met Paula and got to know her a bit. It seemed like Jenn was more nervous than our girl Paula! 

We brought Jeff in, he and Paula said hello, and then they kissed. We got Paula's reaction to Jeff and the kiss after, and then we talked to Jeff! Check out what they said about each other after they locked lips, how they ranked the kiss, & if they'd do it again. You can see the kiss and their reaction below from our Facebook Live session!