In The Loop: October 25, 2018

What does Facebook have to do with Myspace?

October 25, 2018

Mailed Pipe Bombs Sent to 7 Officals

From New York to Florida, several packages were sent to top Democrats right before the midterm elections.

David Schwimmer Impersonates Doppelganger From England

Police in England are looking for the Ross Geller lookalike for stealing beer.

Hawks Win At State Farm Arena Opener

Hawks beat the Mavericks 111-104 and we think it was because Future hyped them up! Or they could have been listening to our rendition of their anthem!

Facebook Profile Songs? It's a Myspace dejavu!

Facebook is adding a feature that lets users add music to profiles and stories, major throwback!

Megyn Kelly May Be Booted Off Her Show 

The controversy is over the offensive comments about blackface costumer for Halloween.

We Love Our Pets But Have You Dont This?

18% of people have admitted to trying dog food!