Is Kissing Coachable?

We wondered if kissing is coachable after one of Producer Kelly Cheese's besties had a bad kissing experience.

July 25, 2016
Couple Kissing

We've all had, at least, one really bad kiss in our life. We're talking too much tongue, sloppy, aggressive, what the heck are you doing to my face, bad kiss. One of Producer Kelly's best friends went out on what she called a 'perfect date' with a really cute guy but the goodnight kiss was TERRIBLE. Oh no! Which had Jeff, Jenn, & Producer Kelly wondering, is kissing coachable?

Every one of our listeners called in and said YES, kissing is 100% coachable...until our last caller. Listener Rachel said she had a guy that was such a bad kisser no amount of coaching could have saved her face.