Kelly Cheese's Nameless Red-Headed Unicorn

Kelly Cheese is STILL stalking the red-headed boy she saw in Dancing Goats Coffee Bar!

August 12, 2016
Kelly Cheese is a Coffee Stalker

Kelly Cheese

UPDATE: Producer Kelly Cheese finally heard back from the redhead she's been creeping on. Was he flattered or totally freaked out?

Producer Kelly Cheese still hasn't heard from her red-headed unicorn after passing him a love poem, but there's a plot twist. You'll never guess what happened when Kelly went in for her daily fix!

Can Producer Kelly Cheese get any more stalkerish? Why yes, yes she can. Kelly passed the barista at Dancing Goats a little note to give to the redhead she's been creeping on. We'll keep you posted on her stalker tactics & if her redheaded unicorn ever responds. ​

Kelly Cheese's Letter to Red-Headed Unicorn
Kelly Cheese

A few weeks ago, Jeff and Jenn called out Producer Kelly Cheese for creepin' hard core on a guy at Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in Ponce City Market. Kelly was taking sneaky pictures of this guy and sending them to Jeff and Jenn because she thought he was breathtaking. She said he was a red headed unicorn, and she could barely contain herself around him. Well, she came in with a couple bags of coffee from Dancing Goats and didn't mention a word about how she's still creeping around the coffee shop to try and spot this red-headed unicorn she's in love with. So naturally, Jeff called her out on air today.