Justin Wants to Check in on His Brother's Relationship

Justin is wanting to know where the relationship is going...between his brother and girlfriend.

August 19, 2016
Love Triangle

Justin is worried about his brother, Daniel, because he's been in a relationship for Megan for 5 years, and they still aren't married. Daniel proposed several years ago, but Megan turned him down. They're still together, but Justin is wondering where she thinks their relationship is going. He's just trying to be a good big brother, but this could easily backfire.

Kelly Cheese does her first call since she's filling in for Jenn this week, and she asks Megan about Daniel and that his brother Justin was curious about what's happening with their relationship. Megan isn't too happy because she says their relationship is personal, and she doesn't like that a radio station is calling her to stick their nose in her business. But Jeff and Kelly Cheese still have a job to do, and they have to find out if their relationship is heading toward marriage.

Justin wasn't too happy with her response because he's afraid that she'll never want to marry his brother, and she also dragged his name through the mud a bit. So, he threw some shade back. He said the real reason the family was nervous is because Megan is a stripper at the Cheetah. Talk about family and relationship issues coming together!