Jenn found out the worst news about her daughter, Reese, and right now she needs our support.

August 16, 2016
Jenn and Family

Jenn Hobby


UPDATE: We get our first update about Reese from Jeff. They have done the biopsy of the tumor and put a port with chemotherapy in to hopefully shrink the tumor. There isn't a prognosis yet, but they will find out soon what it exactly is and how to proceed. Continue to think of and pray for Reese as she starts her fight in beating cancer.

Jenn found out this weekend that Reese has a tumor near the base of her spine. This is what Jeff shared on the air this morning.

When Jenn and I started doing this show together, we made a few promises to each other and to everyone who was kind enough to share their morning with us.

What was most important to us was to make sure your time with us felt like an escape from the ‘real world.’ We wanted to make sure our show was fun, funny, positive and radiated good energy. This is why we don’t debate politics. This is why we don’t play 911 calls. This is why we cover the news stories you need to know for the day in our In The Loop segment and then leave it there. This is why we make silly cat songs for listeners and make you listen to our terrible rap skills and focus time each week on gratitude.

The purpose of this promise was to make sure that all of us walked away from our time together in a better mood. Jenn and I truly believe that laughter and positive energy create a ripple effect that can transform energy. And our goal each day was to put positive vibes in the worlds to do just that. It’s been a challenge some days, with the election and some of the terrible things that have happened in the world the past few months. But I know every single day we tried, and I believe that every single day we succeeded.

I am here alone today, and I am going to have a hard time keeping that promise to you. And for that, I am sorry.

As you may have heard on the show recently, Jenn’s youngest daughter has been sick, and the past couple of weeks were filled with doctor’s appointments and even a couple of visits to the emergency room. Obviously, this was frustrating to Jenn, her husband Grant, and all of us who love little Reese. On Saturday morning, Reese had an MRI to try and solve the mystery.

At 12:23 Saturday afternoon, as I was leaving the Starbucks in Vinings, Jenn called me.

“Reese has cancer,” she said.

I don’t remember much else about that call. I remember pulling over. Feeling like there was no air in my car. I remember trying to organize the thoughts in my head. I remember trying to find a pen because I felt like I should write stuff down but there was really nothing to write down. I remember the anguish in Jenn’s voice, who had just heard those same words from a doctor wearing a white coat and felt everything I felt times one million. Times a billion. Times infinity. It’s not even comprehensible. I can’t even imagine.

Reese was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and has been undergoing tests to determine exactly what she is battling and how the doctors will help her fight. I got to visit her last night, and despite tiny little baby IV’s and other tubes and wires and being in a strange place, she looks GREAT. Not even sick. She was playing peek-a-boo with her Dad and my fiancée Callie and was laughing and waving.

Jenn, who was understandably broken all day Saturday, was now in warrior mode. With each new test result, Reese gets closer to a treatment plan and Jenn – who is a bit of a control freak – gets more in control. Jenn’s husband Grant is gathering facts and arming himself with knowledge.

They are all in such good spirits and so optimistic that with each hour that passes they are one hour closer to getting Reese healthy and cancer-free.

Here is what we know about Reese right now:

She has a solid mass tumor near her tailbone that is starting to affect her spine.

This afternoon, she will have a biopsy to determine what type of tumor this is. During the biopsy, they will give her a port to receive chemotherapy.

Once the doctors know what they are dealing with, they will create a plan for treatment, which is likely chemotherapy followed by surgery.

I’ll pass along any updates as I get them.

Jenn did want me to mention how incredibly awesome, wise, and encouraging the whole staff of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has been. We are truly blessed to have such a great facility and team right here, and while I hope NOBODY ever has to see the inside of it, know that you are in GREAT hands if you do.

As far as the show goes:

Jenn will obviously be out for a few days. There is actually a radio studio IN Egleston Hospital and I have already talked to the folks at Seacrest Studios about using it, and they assured me that it’s ours whenever we need it.

When we spoke last night about me making this announcement today, Jenn actually said ‘after you tell people what’s going on, get back to fun stuff. Remember why we do this show. People want to laugh with us.’

Today, that’s going to be a challenge. Tomorrow, I promised her, we will do that. Besides … she’s the reigning champion of the Monday Morning Rap Battle, and she didn’t give me the topics we all have to rap about. I’ll get those from her today and we’ll do it tomorrow. So please be patient and understanding with me today, and tomorrow, with the help of the great Jeff & Jenn Show and Star 94.1 teams, we’ll do what Jenn asked.

THANK YOU for listening and letting us be a part of your lives each and every day. We love you and feel the love you send our way. If you have a spare moment, I would appreciate it if you can send good energy to tiny little Reese … she’s going to need all that she can get. And if you are a person that prays, please ask for Jenn and Grant to have calmness and clarity to make the best decisions for their little girl, and the doctors to have the wisdom to offer the best choices, and ask for a speedy recovery back to 100%.

And, if the opportunity presents itself in the near future, do some random act of kindness in honor of Reese and all the other children fighting cancer. I do believe that energy moves across our world like ripples, and the more we put out there the more there is to come back to all of us.

You’ve got this, Reese. I’m sorry this is happening to you, but I know you will beat it and be good as new soon. We’re all fighting right alongside you. If you want to leave any well wishes for Jenn, you can do so on her Facebook page here

If you'd like to send a card to Jenn for Reese, the address to the radio station is: 
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