Jenn Writes a Letter to Herself

After Producer JP of Drex, Cassiday, and Tingle talked about writing a letter to himself, Jenn got inspired.

March 31, 2016
Jenn Hobby

Producer JP from Drex, Cassiday, and Tingle joined the show to talk about how he wrote a letter to himself shortly after he moved to Atlanta. It was a letter of reflection and encouragement to himself. Jenn was inspired after hearing JP's letter, so she wrote her own letter to herself. Here's Jenn's letter in its entirety. After Jenn read her letter, Jeff had a few questions for her and you can hear that here.

Dear Jenn, 

Relax. Have fun. 

Your life is crazy right now. But all the pieces of a big life, a dynamic, interesting life are here.

Take a deep breathe, drop those shoulders, smile and enjoy it. 

Remember that you’re not the one in control. He has the plan. Let go. 

Your priorities are in line, finally. Your decision making guide posts are set. You will always face challenges, stress, deadlines, full inboxes, and never enough time to reply, but the tools you have in place now at your age allow you to choose more wisely.

Your girls will be proud of you. You are leading your daughters by example, not leaving them alone. You are allowing them to be cared for by other wonderful people which expands their view of the world around them and all the people in it who love them.

Just show up. Show up strong. Show up for them, show up for Grant, show up for this show, show up strong and have fun. Worry only takes your mind out of the moment.

Absorb good energy, limit the black holes and resist the temptation to waste time on garbage. 

Aim high. Now aim higher. Never stop growing and learning and finding the capacity for being curious. 

Hold fast to your beliefs; don’t be afraid to make others uncomfortable by your own convictions. Stand up for yourself and what you believe without apology. Be the reformed people-pleaser. God will help you find the right words.

But most of all, remember to laugh. Find joy. Be present in each moment. Pray.

Love, Jenn