Jenn Plays Love It or Leave It

Jenn made Jeff play her new game, Love It or Leave It. So now it's her turn to play!

July 7, 2016
Jenn Celebrating

Kelly Cheese

Jenn came up with a new game and made Jeff play the other day where she gave him 30 seconds to say if he’d love or leave a certain thing, and you can only explain away one thing you would leave. So now it’s Jenn’s turn to play! Jenn says she loves the Olympics, millennials, soccer, Mexico, Bloody Marys, and KFC. She would leave selfies, dog kisses, bikini waxes, Kanye West, and man buns. She says she would leave dog kisses because even though you’re supposed to love when your dog loves you enough to lick you, she finds it really gross when she sees other people letting their dog licks them and she hates being licked by her own dog. She doesn’t hate dogs, just their kisses.