Jenn Meditates on Her Anger Issues!

Jenn tried out a new lifestyle studio, Atmasphere, to exercise and meditate. And the meditation helped with her frustrations...almost.

July 29, 2016
Jenn Exercise

Jenn Hobby

Jenn went to a new place, Atmasphere, to exercise, and you can go cycling, do yoga, and meditate. She REALLY needed to mediate because she needed help with some frustrations. It was a guided meditation, but with a modern twist. The room was glowing, everyone was sitting on pillows, and everyone was wearing headphones! The music and instructor is in the headphones so you can focus on yourself instead of you in a room with everyone else. The woman in the headphones made you visualize people to send love and positivity too. Jenn was doing great and loved that...until she had to imagine her enemy. She was told to picture someone who wouldn't wish you well or would send negativity to you, and then Jenn was told to send compassion, love, and gratitude. And she couldn't do it! Everyone else seemed relaxed, but Jenn could only focus on ways to get revenge. Thankfully no one could hear her inner thoughts!