Jenn Had Skin Cancer Surgery and Jeff Is Freaked!

Jenn is getting surgery to remove skin cancer, but Jeff is the one freaking out.

June 17, 2016
Jeff and Jenn Show Bandages

Jeff Dauler

UPDATE: Our sweet Jenn came to work with bandages on her face (side note: she still looks AH-dorable) today after her minor surgery she had to remove skin cancer. Jeff's still squirming in his chair over all this surgery talk. We got the low down from Jenn's nurse, Ashley, who told us warning signs of skin cancer & how to avoid damage from the sun. Sunscreen kids, it's important!

Jenn is getting minor surgery on her face to remove some skin cancer. But instead of making a big announcement to Jeff, she casually mentioned it in conversation. And he freaked out! He said she didn't give him any warning and it's a big deal because it's a type of cancer! But she didn't think it was a big of a deal as he was making it out to be.