Jenn Gives an Update on Reese's Journey to Beat Cancer

Jeff "interviewed" Jenn on how Reese is doing and how their family is handling this incredibly difficult situation.

August 18, 2016
Jenn and Daughters

Jenn Hobby


Jenn was able to join the show for a short time to update us on Reese’s battle to beat cancer. She explains that currently they know that there’s a plum-sized Germ-cell tumor in her abdomen, and they’re awaiting results from the biopsy to know what exactly is inside. Reese began chemo and will be on a cycle of 5 days on, 3 weeks off, and in a few months they will attempt surgery to remove what remains of the tumor. Our hearts go out to Jenn as she shares everything she knows and everything she’s felt and experienced since the first moment the doctors told her. If this weekend goes well, Reese will be returning home on Sunday, and Jenn will be returning to the show on Tuesday.

For those of you asking how to help, Jenn requested that the best thing you can do is to donate to helping other children battling illness. Some excellent charities worth donating to include the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Ian’s Friends Foundation, Cure Childhood Cancer, and the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.