Jenn Doesn't Want to Get Sick!!

Jenn and her husband got sick a lot when their first daughter went to school. And now their second is approaching that age!

July 25, 2016
Jenn and Her Kids

Jenn Hobby

Jenn's youngest daughter, Reese, starts nursery school next week and she has some anxiety leading up to her first day. When their first daughter, Lauren, started school Jenn and her hubby Grant were sick all the time. Like Jenn says, "kids are like little sponges for germs," and she's worried they're going to get sick again this go around. Is it easier when the second, third, or fourth kid starts going to school? Does your household build more of an immunity to germs since the first child already went through it? Jeff thinks so and our listeners called in to let Jenn know not to worry too much, it happens with every kid you just have to prepare for it. We even had a medical expert call in and tell us it won't be as bad because you do build some immunity to it but there's always going to be germs. Because, ya know, kids.