Jenn Disciplined Someone Else's Kid

Jenn is wondering if she did the right thing after getting on to someone else's child.

July 19, 2016
Kid Discipline

Jenn is feeling pretty guilty for disciplining a random kid. Jenn was at a splash pad and the majority of the kids were four and under. They were playing having a good time until an older kid came out of nowhere running through the splash pad like a maniac. He knocked over three toddlers, and that’s when Jenn politely said “Hey buddy, you need to be more careful!” Jenn didn’t think it was her place to say anything, but no one else was so she felt like she had to say something. Parents pay attention to your kids! Several callers agreed with Jenn, but Connie called in saying you better not discipline her child!

Wow! Connie does not want anyone to discipline or communicate with her about her children. But, every single person who called in after was on Jenn's side. They were saying it takes a village to raise children, and it was ridiculous of Connie to call in with that opinion. Her kids aren't perfect and if she lets them get away with everything, they may become bullies!