Jenn is Becoming Her Mom!

Jenn was on vacation where she realized that she is turning into her mom, Nancie!

July 13, 2016
Jenn and Her Mom

Jenn Hobby

It's the thing you never think will happen to you, the day you turn into your mom or dad. Jenn was on vacation with her hubby & the girls when she had the realization she's turning into her mom, Nancie. Her mom loves picking blackberries (even deemed herself the best blackberry picker of all time!), loves science & animals, & says popsicles are the remedy for everything. Welp, Jenn found herself teaching her girls how to pick the perfect blackberries, oooohing & ahhhhing over a cute baby frog, & giving her girls popsicles on their vacation. Lol, sound familiar? 

One of our listeners called in and told us her mom always asked, "where are you going?" when her dad would walk from one room to another in their house. Now she's married and the very first night her & her hubby spent in their home he got up to go into another room & she asked, "where are you going?!" And so it begins!! Dun, dunn, dunnn!