Jeff's Wedding Issues

Jeff's needs help, should he make his cocktail napkins & RSVP cards funny or fancy?! He's leaning towards funny & his fiance Callie is leaning towards fancy #compromise

July 18, 2016

Jeff has less than 100 days left before he & his fiance Callie tie the knot & he needs help with some last minute issues. Issue #1: Cocktail napkins. What should he & Callie do? Should they monogram them, should they put something funny on them, does it matter at all?? Jeff has a funny idea and our listeners liked the idea, but Callie isn’t sold on it.

Issue #2: RSVP cards. Same question, should it be funny or fancy? Jenn said there could be a compromise, maybe say something clever but make it look fancy?! Since Jeff's a comedian it makes sense for him to put a funny twist on it, right?! Check out what advice our listeners gave Jeff & what he thinks he's going to do.