Jeff's Reverse Game

Jeff sprung a new game on Jenn that he wanted to play where she had to repeat a reversed sentence. It sounds pretty confusing but it's awesomely crazy!

July 15, 2016
Jenn In Studio

Matt Alexandre

Jeff had a fun idea for game this morning that totally threw Jenn off guard! He had Producer Kelly Cheese say simple phrases, like what you say when you're asking for a hotel room, and then he put it down, flipped it, & reverse it -- Missy Elliot style! So, where we going with this? Well, Jenn had to try and say the REVERSED version & then we reversed the reversed version. You keeping up with this? Surprisingly, the re-reversed version actually, kind of sort of, sounded like the original phrase!

Jenn didn't like being the only one guessing, it's super hard! So she got Jeff to do it with her, and he found it just as difficult!

They both had to give their best shot at saying the reversed sentence because, to make things even crazier, Marino reversed THEIR read sentences to see if it sounded anything like the original version (you following?). And it actually worked! (but only a little bit)