Jeff's Needs Help, Where Are His Glasses??

Jeff went out with friends and a mutual friend picked up his glasses on accident. Now the guy is making it impossible for Jeff to get his glasses back. WTH?!

July 1, 2016

Jeff’s in a predicament and since he’s non-confrontational he’s asking our listeners what they think he should do. Jeff went out with a group of friends and left his glasses at the restaurant they were at. One his mutual friends had a little too much to drink and accidentally picked up Jeff’s glasses. Jeff contacted the guy & now he wants Jeff to meet him to get his glasses back.. Jeff thinks this guy should meet him but the guy says if that’s the case he can’t meet Jeff for WEEKS! Jeff doesn’t want to start anything since they have mutual friends... So what should he do?? Our listeners gave Jeff some good advice..


It was our listener Coolio who gave Jeff the most hilarious advice of the day