Jeff's Morning Routine: His Rules for Callie

Jeff's fiancee, Callie, got a new job so now they'll have the same hours! But Jeff already has his morning routine set...

June 30, 2016
Jeff and Callie

Jeff Dauler

Jeff's fiancee, Callie, got a brand new job over at CNN working as the executive assistant for Robin Meade on her HLN show, Morning Express with Robin Meade! Since her job is now in the early mornings, she and Jeff will have the same schedule. This will make life a lot easier for them together, but this also has Jeff concerned about his morning routine. He has had the same morning routine for 20 years, and he has several rules with that routine. Here are his 2 rules:

1. Please don't talk to me. Definitely don't tell me anything you want remembered.

2. I can't do any favors for you or help you out. I have this routine for 20+ years, and it's not going to change now.