Jeff's Letter to Himself

Jeff was inspired by Drex, Cassiday, and Tingle's Producer, JP, after he wrote a letter to himself. So, Jeff did the same thing.

March 29, 2016
Jeff Dauler

Producer JP from Drex, Cassiday, and Tingle joined the show to talk about how he wrote a letter to himself shortly after he moved to Atlanta. It was a letter of reflection and encouragement to himself. Jeff was inspired after hearing JP's letter, so he decided to write his own to himself. Here's Jeff's letter in its entirety. 

Dear Me:

You’re in the middle of the coolest eighteen-month chunk of your life to date.  It started last July, when you asked a woman that is way out of your league to marry you … and she actually said YES.  Then you continued your adventures in stand-up comedy and took a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity to your own radio show with one of your best friends. Next month, you get to do some comedy at the Tabernacle with Joel McHale. In less than seven months, that out-of-your-league girl is actually going to marry you. And, hopefully, you’ll have some ratings to prove that you did, indeed, make the right career decision.

You took your own advice to Keep Moving Forward, and one little step at a time, you made this life for yourself.  You can do it.  You have done it.

But don’t be finished. You’re happier and healthier and kinder.  But you’re far from perfect. 

Keep going.

Get healthy. Eat better and start running again. You LIKE running, and you have the time. You just need to start. The first days will suck, like the first mile always sucks. But just do it. You don’t want to be fat in your wedding photos: You’ll regret that forever. You’ll be making tiny humans someday: You owe it to them and to Callie to be healthy and live a long long time.  And you owe that to YOURSELF. Stop being lazy. Do it. Not tomorrow. Today. Tomorrow is always one day away.

Be confident. You have earned the seat you are sitting in, and you deserve to have your name on the show. You have a contract and are working for a great and supportive company. Stop asking yourself how you got here or questioning if you deserve it. You do. You deserve all of it.

Remember to enjoy the obstacles. Every bump and bruise is a learning experience. It’s a growth moment. Embrace that and don’t let it derail you. Live, learn, move forward. Always.

Stop with the slow decision-making. It’s what bothers you the most about you, and you can change it - easily. Trust your gut, make the call, stick with it.  Your paranoia about not being liked is holding you back professionally more than anything else is.  You’re qualified, experienced, smart, and well-liked.  You are not anyone else, you are you and you are awesome. Make it happen without hesitation. Be Frank Underwood, but less evil.

And finally: You know you’re going to fill up on chips and cheese dip and be too stuffed to enjoy the entrée. So don’t order the entrée right away. You make the mistake every single time, fatty. It’s about time you learned from that mistake.  And while we’re on the subject of delicious Mexican food: the plate IS hot. He told you NOT to touch it. Why would he lie about that? And you do not need a Coke refill. Those giant plastic red cups are about a gallon each. You’re eating melted cheese, on deep-fried chips. You do not need to hydrate with another 1400 calories of sugar nectar … no matter how great it tastes with those tostadas.



Jenn didn't feel like Jeff was the nicest to himself, so we have her interviewing that Jeff about his harsh letter to himself here!