Jeff's "I'll Remain Hot For You" Vows

Jeff wants to know if he can ask Callie to put "I'll remain hot for you" in their vows because someone else did!

July 11, 2016
Jeff and Callie

Jeff Dauler

Jeff had a question for Jenn about his upcoming wedding vows because he wants their wedding vows just to be like someone else's in one instance. A girl put in her wedding vows that she will stay hot for her husband, and Jeff wants to know if it's awful if he wants Callie to put that in her vows to him.

Well, that sparked a call-in from our very opinionated listener Missy. You know Missy, she's the one who thinks women should be subservient to men. Remember? Missy wears make-up and has her hair done even when she's got her head in the toilet. Errrrr, what? Girl, bye. What caused Missy to call in today and have a Missy fit? (Lol, see what we did there?) You have to hear this. This woman is a nut job!