Jeff's BIG Bachelor Party Surprise!

It's time to tell Jeff about his surprise bachelor party.

September 15, 2016

Ever since Jeff cancelled his bachelor party Jenn, his fiance Callie, and his buddies have been working hard to plan a surprise bachelor party for him and today Jenn finally got to tell him what they've been up to. FYI, Jeff hates surprises.

Check out Jeff's reaction when Jenn tells him she's got a surprise in store.

Jeff Surprise 1

Jenn tells Jeff he has to leave with Producer Jeannine & then lets our listeners in on the secret.

Jeff Surprise 2

The anxiety in Jeff's voice is priceless.

Jeff Surprise 3

Jenn lets Jeff in on the big surprise!

Jeff Surprise 4

We talk to Jeff one more time before he heads off to his surprise bachelor party.

Jeff Surprise 5

Yay, we pulled it off! Bye Jeff! Have funnnn!