Jeff's Bachelor Party: Should Jenn Go?

Jenn is a groomswoman in Jeff's wedding, so she wants to go to the bachelor party. But, Jeff isn't so sure.

June 16, 2016
Bachelor Party

Jeff is about to get married, but he has one thing left to plan, his bachelor party! Jeff and Jenn have been friends for years, and Jenn is going to be a groomswoman in Jeff's wedding. But, Jeff doesn’t think Jenn should be a part of the bachelor party since she's not a guy. Jenn on the other hand thinks she's entitled to everything that comes along with being a grooms(wo)man, including going to the bachelor party! 

Jeff and Jenn took it to the listeners because Jeff thinks everyone will agree with them, but Jenn thinks everyone listening will see how unfair it is to leave her out. Which one is right?