Jeff Watched a Lady Open Oysters for an HOUR

Jeff was home alone this weekend, and he got sucked in to some awesome Facebook videos.

August 26, 2016
Jeff Oysters

Jenn Hobby

UPDATE: Brittany wanted to give Reese a pearl of her own, and apparently Jeff has a special skill when it comes to picking oysters with rare pearls. Who knew?!

Brittany called us and we talked to her about her videos! Jeff felt creepy talking to the person he watched for a solid hour, but she was so nice and talked about her business and getting it started. 

Jeff was hypnotized by something he found late night online. It was so good, he was transfixed for nearly an hour. It was a video of Brittany Sparacio from Open an Oyster doing exactly that, opening oysters and talking about the pearls inside them. Apparently it's a real thing, who knew?! If you want to see what Jeff was talking about, click here!