Jeff is in a Predicament

Jeff is in a predicament with a "friend" but it turns out that "friend" is Producer Kelly Cheese!

June 24, 2016
Kelly Sneaky

Kelly Cheese

Jeff asked Jenn & Producer Kelly Cheese for some advice for a predicament he's found himself in with a "friend" of his. Halfway through telling us about this "friend" Producer Kelly realized Jeff was talking about her! Time to call out Kelly! She's been sending pictures to Jeff & Jenn all week when she see's what she calls a 'red headed unicorn' at a local coffee shop in her neighborhood. Yea, this girl sneakily takes a picture of a guy she thinks is beautiful & then sends them to Jeff & Jenn. Lol, talk about creepin! Here's the thing that's got Jeff confused, Producer Kelly Cheese has a boyfriend-ish. Is it ok for her to be talking about a guy like this? Is there a double standard here? And when Kelly's boyfriend hears this is she going to be in a predicament of her own??