Jeff Interviews Jenn

It's Jeff's turn to ask Jenn the same interview questions she asked him yesterday!

July 6, 2016
Jeff and Jenn Studio

Jenn saw an interview that People magazine did with Matthew McConaughey and she loved the rapid fire interview questions they asked him, so yesterday she decided to ask those same questions to Jeff. And today, it’s Jeff’s turn to interview Jenn! She said her biggest extravagance is her makeup, and more specifically her foundation. She uses a Christian Dior spray foundation that her makeup artist friend got her addicted to and it costs $65! Jenn’s last meal would be cold oysters on the half shell flown in from an awesome place, and she would eat them with her husband, Grant. She’d drink champagne, and he would have a cold beer. The movies Jenn has seen the most are Pretty Woman, Almost Famous, and Wedding Crashers. She’s seen all those movies a TON of times. The smell she loves the most is bacon, and the time she felt the sexiest was when she shaved her legs and went to the hair salon in the same day! And the thing she thinks is most overrated are two songs that everyone sings along to in bars: Jessie’s Girl and Don’t Stop Believin’!