Jeff and Jenn Interview Nichole Nordeman!

Nichole Nordeman wrote the song "Slow Down" that makes Jenn bawl, and she called in to the show!

July 7, 2016
Slow Down

Jenn has been in love Nichole Nordeman’s song, “Slow Down” because she identifies with the message of the song with her kids growing up so quickly. It makes her cry every time! Well, Nichole heard we had been playing her song, so she called in to the show! She talks about writing that song as her son was graduating the 5th grade, and she hadn’t even meant to write the song! She was asked to perform a song at his 5th grade graduation, so she wrote it the night before his graduation as she looked at his baby pictures and had a mini meltdown. She was able to get through the performance the next day, and it has seemed to resonate with so many people.