Jeff and Jenn Have ANOTHER Cat Song!

Dana loved our cat songs so much that she asked us to make one for her cat, Mouse.

July 28, 2016

UPDATE: We put together a song for Dana's cat, Mouse. We incorporated all of the details and characteristics of Mouse into one song, and it is to the tune of Flo Rida's "My House". Why did we do this? Because we are now the official cat song station of course!

Dana called in hoping that her cat, Mouse, could get his very own cat song in honor of Cat Adoption Day next week, saying that he’d really love it! Mouse is completely grey, he was rescued from the Humane Society five years ago, and he now lives with his two humans in Norcross. But he’s no ordinary cat. He loves to play with ice cubes, when he’s asleep his tongue hangs out of his mouth, he’s terrified of their guest room, and Dana says she’s never even heard him purr. How will we get all of Mouse the Cat’s antics into just one song?