Jeff and Jenn Bachelorette Reviewer: Our Macho Engineer, Scott Trask!

Our show needs someone to review this season of The Bachelorette, so we chose the most macho guy in the office.

May 24, 2016
Bachelorette Rose

The Bachelorette season premiered last night at 9:00! And true to his word, our engineer Scott Trask not only watched the first episode, but he took notes every single guy and already has his early favorites! Do your favorite guys match up with who Scott thinks is going to win? 

We felt like we need our own official Bachelorette Reviewer to recap each episode, so we had the genius idea of having our chief engineer Scott Trask be our reviewer. Scott has never watched reality TV in his life, and he is the most macho guy in our office! He is giving up his poker nights for this, so we owe him big time.