Jeff’s Open Letter to Airport Walkers

It's Jeff's turn for an open letter, and his is to all those slow airport walkers!

July 8, 2016
Airport Walkers

It's Jeff's turn to vent his frustrations and this time he's taking down the people who walk slow at the airport. You know those people, they've made you late to your gate or slowed you down when you've finally landed on your hometown soil. All Jeff wants is to get where he's going...and fast!

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Do you know who is at the airport for a casual stroll? NOBODY! Do you know who is using concourses A, B, C, D, E, & now F as their way to increase their Fitbit steps? NOT A SOUL! Every single person is at the airport because they have to be somewhere and it’s not the time for you to window shop different airport gates. Maybe you’re the type of person that likes to arrive four hours in advance, most people don’t. Maybe you’re the type of person who carefully schedules seven hour layovers so you can see what Hartsfield Jackson has to offer, most people don’t. Ladies & gentlemen, if you are at the airport walk with a brisk stride from your gate to your connecting gate or from your gate to the baggage carousel. Why do you take a look at the beeping transport cart every time it comes up behind you like it’s a dinosaur or the space shuttle? You’ve seen it twelve times before, why do you react with fear in your eyes and freeze like a deer or a squirrel on the road way? MOVE! HUSTLE PEOPLE! Maybe you want to check the parking brake on your roller bag, make sure that’s disengaged. Is that what’s slowing you down? How about this, how about we want to get to the baggage carousel faster than you do because we actually care if people steal our crap! I’m home, I want to be home. I love you delta, I love you Hartsfield Jackson but people need to get out of the way. And you know what is especially annoying to me, what is the ultimate insult when it comes to quick pace through the airport?! The freakin’ workers who are taking their sweet time just getting to wherever they have to go! You’re the only person who doesn’t want to be where they’re going. Why ruin it for the rest of us??

Jeff J. Dauler
Atlanta, GA