Java Cats Cafe: Atlanta's First Cat Cafe!

Congratulations to Atlanta's newest business owner, Hadyn Hilton for giving this city a whole new way to adopt.

March 27, 2017
Java Cats Cafe - Chris House Photography

Chris House Photography

In the heart of Atlanta, a new business called Java Cats Cafe is opening it's doors for the first time today, and obviously Producer Jeannine was all over this. This cafe/adoption center focuses around giving great coffee, great food, and purr-fect company to relax with! Hadyn Hilton, the owner, has worked tirelessly this past year to open the first cat cafe in Atlanta, and only the second in the entire Southern region, and she's partnered with PAWS Atlanta to bring friendly kitties for all to love, and for some lucky family to adopt right on-site. Her business has also paired with many other people and organizations within the community to bring this project to life, so go check it out! They're located at 415 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, next to Tin Lizzy's. And check out for more info. 

And here's Hadyn herself! Featuring one of 13 cats currently ready for adoption (or just snuggles while you study and sip delicious coffee)

Hadyn Hilton - Chris House Photography
Chris House Photography

Photo credit: Chris House