I'm an Adult, but Never Have I Ever...

Jeff and Jenn learned that resident millennial adult Producer David has never cooked!

July 28, 2016
Producer David Thumbs Down

David Youmans

Jeff learned through Jenn that Producer David didn't know how to make a salad after she gave one to him for lunch. What's worse is that Producer David has never even cooked before, and he's 27 years old! So, Jeff and Jenn thought it would be a great idea to see if Producer David can make a cheeseburger lunch one day if they got the ingredients for him. This should be pretty easy...right??

Our listeners called in with their own I'm an Adult, but Never Have I Ever stories. Our adult listeners have never gone to Six Flags, had a Coke, or mowed a lawn! One listener said he had never even seen a full football or basketball game in his life. What?!