I'll Never _____ Again

Jenn overheard a funny conversation that made her want to try this segment, "I'll Never ____ Again!"

July 8, 2016

Jenn and her husband, Grant, were out to dinner and she overheard a conversation because the tables were so close together. And the only part of the conversation Jenn heard was when the guy said, “I tell you what, Grandma will never forget to set the parking break again.” So that gave her the idea to bring that conversation to the show, for people to fill in the blank. I tell you one thing, I will never do _________ again! Jeff’s was, “I tell you one thing, I will never wonder why my boat keeps pulling to the left when there’s an overweight person on it.” Caller Amanda said, “I tell you one thing, I’ll never assume the phone is on mute again.” She accidentally told her ex-husband that she made out with his best friend the other night!

We got a TON of calls on people’s stories of “I’ll Never ____ Again.” Stephanie told us that she will never again tell her boss that she thinks that he’s a terrible manager, she was let go because of it. Adam said, “I’ll never stash bullets in his friend’s luggage as a joke ever again.” He got his friend in so much trouble, Jeff asked him what he was thinking! His friend ended up taking him to court over it. Robin filled in the blank with “I will never leave my iPad open with her child while she isn’t supervising.” She was Facebook stalking her husband’s ex, and her daughter “liked” a bunch of the woman’s pics under Robin’s account!