If I Was a Guy, I Would Be SO Creepy

Ladies we want to know, what is that creepy thing you would do if you were a guy?

August 5, 2016
Girl Flirt

Ladies, ever think about things you do that if you were a guy would be so creepy? We talked to Scott who told us his wife takes pictures of men's hands and send them to her friends. Any man who walked up to strange women asking for pictures of their hands would be so creepy, right?! So ladies, tell us, how creepy would you be if you were a dude?

We thought things couldn't get much creepier. Then, Tanya called. She talked about saving pics on her phone of her best friends' husbands and boyfriends THAT SHE SAVED FROM FACEBOOK. She then uses them for when she has "alone" time. WHAT?!