I Love My Pet More!

We all love our pets, but some people love their pets more than their own family!

June 21, 2016
I Love My Pet

People can be OBSESSED with their pets. Some pets are like children to their owners. So, it’s not totally surprising when some people like their pets more than people in their own life. But, these examples are pretty extreme! Intern Jeannine talked about getting a Music for Cats album for her cat, but nothing for her boyfriend’s birthday. Then we started getting calls. Hillary called us saying that her dad loved their 7 cats more than them, and there was even a song he sang to them!

One caller, Melissa, told us why she thinks her parents love their dogs more than they love her! Amber talked about how a fire broke out in her house, and her sister decided to grab the hamster before even waking her up!