How to Tell if a Guy is Creepy

It only takes a woman seconds to decide if a guy is creepy. And here's how they do it.

July 27, 2016
Creepy Guy

Fellas, listen up. Women determine if they think a guy is creepy or not in SECONDS. It’s time to figure out if you’re that creepy guy when you’re out. And to help you do so, Jeff and Jenn were joined by Producer Kelly Cheese and Intern Alexa to give their thoughts. So, what makes a guy instantly creepy? Here are their opinions.

Our listeners flooded our phone lines with all the things guys do that totally creep them out. One of our listeners said a weird mustache or, like Jenn said, having really manicured facial hair instantly puts guys on the creepy radar (think Backstreet boys circa 1997). We also heard prolonged eye contact, looking at a woman’s chest for too long, & lingering around the bathrooms waiting for ladies to leave was pretty creepy. Kind of hard to disagree with.

Our listener Janna called in and Jenn completely agreed with her when she said long finger nails on guys are creepy. Yuck! But our last few callers had everyone in the studio cringing. So if you put your hands in your pockets for too long, cross your legs like a lady, give overly specific compliments, or watch women during their work out classes….you’re totally creepin.