Honeymoon Dilemma: She Ruined the Surprise but He Doesn't Know It!

Molly went snooping and found out where she's going on her honeymoon. And she's not happy about where they're going.

June 6, 2016

UPDATE: We caught up with Molly who, after snooping through her fiance's computer, found out where they were going for their honeymoon & wasn't excited about it - at all. Molly decided to fess up & tell her fiance about 90% of the truth over the weekend, maybe leaving out the whole "I went through your computer" part....Lol! But she told her fiance about the previous proposal and why she didn't want to spend their honeymoon in the same spot. How did her fiance take the news? 

Our listener Molly got herself in what Jeff calls an "Unsolvable Problem" after snooping through her fiance's computer. She might have found out where they were going on their surprise honeymoon. That's not the only surprise though, Molly's been there before and had a horrible time. Yikes! Find out why she can't go back and how she plans to confess to her fiance....errrr IF she plans on confessing.

Our listeners called in and they were totally mixed on what Molly should do. So the Unsolvable Problem became even more unsolvable!